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Diocesan Caritas of Aiquile is one of 18 Diocesan Caritas that carry out this work in the extensive territory of the Republic of Bolivia.

Diocesan Caritas of Aiquile works in the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Prelature of Aiquile, whose area covers the three counties of Mizque, Campero and Carrasco for a total of 23,325 Km2.

It is estimated that 210,000 people live in this territory, 92% of which are ethnic Quechua people and live in rural areas.

Geographically, the territory of the Prelature is divided into two different regions. The Andean region is between 1,500 and 3,500 meters above sea level, a temperate climate and a dry season of low precipitations. The tropical region, known as Chapare, has an average elevation of 250 meters above sea level and a warm and humid climate, typical of the pluvial forests.

The social reality of our Prelature doesn't distantiate itself from the low levels of poverty spread throughout Bolivia. The population is is based on an agricultural economy which barely covers the most basic needs of the population. There are high rates of children mortality and widespread illiteracy. These are the macroscopic aspects at the base the underdevelopment of the region.
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Having at its side the pillar principles of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Diocesan Caritas Aiquile carries out its daily work promoting integrity, improving conditions of life in such a way that people will be able to hold their destiny in their own hands.

Caritas covers many social sectors: health, education, production, charitable works, assistance, etc.

One of the most important activities in Caritas Aiquile is the support of healthcare infrastructures (hospitals, sanitary outposts, etc.) and education (schools and boarding schools). Caritas Aiquile also carries out community projects for the distribution of drinkable water and agricultural irrigation.

All initiatives proposed by Caritas are the result of mutual exchange, dialogue and ideas among its beneficiaries.

Diocesan Caritas Aiquile doesn't have economic resources necessary to execute the intended projects. For this reason it appeals to other national and international institutions, whether public or private, to get the necessary funding.

In order to carry out and complete its mission, Diocesan Caritas Aiquile avails of a highly specialized group of people and modern offices and equipment.

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