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The Regional conference of Latin America and the Caribbean is conformed by 22 National Caritas, grouped in four zones:

"Central America and Mexico"
with 7 National Caritas: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

with 5 National Caritas: Cuba, Haiti, Republic Of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Antilles

with 5 Caritas National: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia

"South cone"
with 5 National Caritas: Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil

In this region of the world they were founded between 1953 and 1963. Mexico, Puerto Rico, Antilles and Cuba were founded later on:

- 1955: Chile and Peru
- 1956: Argentina, Brazil and Haiti
- 1957: Colombia
- 1958: Bolivia, Honduras and Paraguay
- 1959: Nicaragua
- 1960: El Salvador
- 1961: Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama and Republic Of the Dominican Republic
- 1962: Uruguay
- 1963: Venezuela and Costa Rica
- 1972: Mexico
- 1984: Puerto Rico
- 1986: Antilles (13 countries)
- 1991: Cuba

All the Latin American Caritas’s, without exception, were created by their respective Conferences and were nurtured by the social teaching of the Pontiffs John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II, as well as the of Council Vatican II and the Regional Conferences of Bishopric Latin American (Medellín 1968 and Puebla 1979)

The circumstances, the forms and the reason for starting the various Caritas are diverse in each country to country, but the fact - of very particular importance for that time and for the later is was that all the Caritas were born by Episcopal Command for the promotion, education and coordination of charitable activities and of social justice.

Also, it is significant that the Vatican intervenes directly for the creation of the first Caritas, in Chile, and of the last one, in Cuba.

All these organizations, at the beginning, opted for the name of Caritas. However, in the decade of the 70´s some countries Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama - without stopping to belong to the World Confederation - opted for the name of “Social Pastoral - Caritas”

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