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principi caritas


is the Latin word for


the true Christian symbol of the love of God

It is somewhat difficult to give an exact definition of Caritas. As a charity body, Caritas shows its presence in plenty of different ways. Caritas is positively not a body of assistance, promotion and development.

Caritas is rather a body of coordination of initiatives in the form of assistance, promotion and development. Such initiatives are undertaken by members and groups of Christian communities motivated by charity and justice, and driven by the notion of liberation as understood in evangelical terms.

For this reason, Caritas is not a charity organization, but a pastoral institution of the Christian community whose task is to make the Christian community aware of the worldwide needs and problems of its members , as well as to coordinate all forms of charity in due respect to all identities.

The mission of Caritas is to spread solidarity and social justice in the world. Its inspiration is drawn from the Sacred Christian Writings, the tradition and Social Doctrine of the Church, as well as from the experience of the communities we serve.

The challenge is to contribute creating a world where human dignity is the most important thing and where exclusion, discrimination, violence, and dehumanizing poverty do not exist.

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